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  • Enchanting Vocalist Jitendra Abhisheki
    (Translation) Maharashtra Times - April , 3 , 1973.

    If a composition is in consonance with the meaning or content of the words in a bandish,the listener derives two-fold pleasure while listening.

    The ability to achieve this can only come after years of practice,perseverance and hard work,which was abundantly proved by Jitendra Abhisheki Evidently,he has thought deeply on such matters as the relative importance to be given to alaap,different types of taans and through proportion of the three saptakas,etc.

    This concert was a beautiful synthesis of the artiste's erudition and ability to appeal and please the connoisseur.

    (Concert was held at Virar on 31stMarch 1973)

    Courtesy: Shri.Datta Marulkar


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