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   Pt.Jitendra Abhisheki.....As Guru

One of the exemplary qualities of Jitendra Abhisheki was the way in which he trained his disciples. Similar to the ancient Guru-Shishya tradition, he loved to have his students with him round the clock. He provided them food and shelter along with his vast fund of musical knowledge. He had to suffer a lot in his youth, to receive musical education. He did not want his disciples to share the same fate. He thought, they should be free to apply their minds to music without having to care for the victuals. He treated all of them like his family members. He taught them to sing each Bandish with the utmost perfection, but he did not want them to be his blind followers. He taught them to look inwards and think about music. He did all this, without expecting a single paisa from his disciples.

Some of his disciples are leading vocalists of the present musical cinario namely Shri.Prabhakar Karekar, Shri.Raja Kale,Shri.Ajit Kadkade,
Shri.Hemant Pendse,Smt.Devki Pandit,Smt.Shubha Mudgal
& son Shounak Abhisheki.


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Shounak Abhisheki
Concept by Shounak Abhisheki, Mandar Vaidya
Designed by Avanti Punde,Script by Shri.Ajit Soman