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   Pt. Jitendra Abhisheki:- What others thought about him:

  • * “Like a bee, Jitendra went on collecting the honey-drops of music from different styles. He blended all those to create something of his own. Obviously his singing not only expanded it’s boundaries; it progressed as well!”

                  -(Shri P.L. Deshpande) .

  • *Abhisheki has received a number of influences in the making of his musical personality and applied them to the style of his music. His khayals are marked with scintillating Bol Upaj, Layakari, Sargam and other ornamentations. His clean diction is yet another highlight of his style

                  -(Pt.Bhimsen Joshi)

  • * “All his Gurus speak of Jitendra as a disciple to be proud of.”

                  -(Smt.Jyosna Bhole)

  • * “ I look upon Jitendra as a multi-faceted singer. Spirit of enquiry, Analytical mind and deep respect for the Gurus, are his unique qualities.”

                   -(Ustad Aziz-ud-din Khan Saheb)

  • * “Like musical notes, Jitendra has an obsession for the words. He can write good stories. The ‘writer Abhisheki’, which these words reveal is a man who thinks deeply about life, a philosopher who peeps at the bottom of life with an uncontrollable curiosity, thoughtfully and seriously.”

                  -(Shri Vijay Tendulkar)

  • “People like Abhisheki live for giving something to the world. We want to receive, they want to give! Even that receiving exhausts us, but they keep on giving … nobly and effortlessly!”

                  -(Shri vinayak Khedekar)

  • * “ My Guru Abhishekibuwa always kept experimenting. Constant thinking and contemplation kept his music ever expanding. I have seen no one who could pursue so much of riyaz.”

                   -(Shri Prabhakar Karekar)


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