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   Pt.Jitendra Abhisheki...The Composer

The multi-faceted talent of Pt.Jitendra Abhisheki has touched many spheres of music. Classical and semi classical compositions, Devotional songs or Bhajans, Lyrics or Bhav-geets and other light Music genres; in Marathi as well as in Konkani.

There are a number of factors that have contributed to his fame as a composer, His basic nature was that of a scholar and research worker. He had studied with a number of eminent Gurus and mastered the subtlties of their style. He had understood not merely the grammar of a Raag, but had also realised its personality. Secondly he had good acquaintance with Sanskrit, Hindi, English, Konkani and Marathi languages as also with literature. Thirdly he had the capacity to blend these influences into something, which could be called his own.

Though not a prolific composer of classical Bandishes, Jitendra Abhisheki has composed about 100 Bandishes in different Raags. They reflect his understanding of the Raag personality, the mood to be evoked, choice of expressive words for it and the tempo in which these words would fit aesthetically. Because of these qualities, each Bandish bears the stamp of his inimitable personality . He has notated these and trained his disciples to sing them properly. Occasionally his name-de-plume ‘ ‘Shyam’ or ‘Shyamrang’ is found embedded in the text; but only when the words fit into the content. Here too, he has tried to shun publicity.

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